Printers: Updated Fridge Calendar Project Completed

Post On: 7 May 2013
May 7, 2013

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Another great plan was finished this afternoon at a Tinker’s Workshop.  If we have not been following along we can locate up right away with this post of a Fridge Calendar plan which we only put a finishing touches on.

The design looks great with a new demeanour of a rectilinear pieces shown here. 

Here is a great shot of a strange design along with a new softened design.  The new chronicle has roughly a same series size, not as big over all size, and 3 times less weight. Plus a months can be displayed not too.

Here’s a great shot of all a pieces which have been indispensable for a incessant refrigerator calendar. 100 pieces in all were indispensable to be printed and put together for a project. 

There have been 162 sum pieces to have a monthly monthly calendar which includes a printed tools and a magnets which have been mounted on a back of any piece. These pieces were Super Glued on to a back of any square from a captivating hurl after slicing them to distance with a scissors.  There were 100 pieces to print on my 3D printer in a plan which took 36.5 hours to do.  Then supplement at slightest an additional 25-30 hours design time and a plan got to be a lot bigger than it looks.  I consider a bid was value it in a end.  Not which we would proceed to transcribe this plan to begin offered them any time soon.  I would consider a distinctive nature would be a sequence of a day as it would be a lot cheaper and faster to produce. No have a difference what this will have a good further to my kitchen which my visitors can suffer as most as we do now. 

hopefully you’ll get benefits from Updated Fridge Calendar Project Completed on printer articles and picture source: The Tinkers Workshop

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